Terms & Conditions for Members, Partners & Sponsors of SimplyDiag Network Limited
Last updated: November 2019

SDN need to ensure the SDN portal remains a safe and positive environment for Members and Sponsors alike, all users are expected to behave in a professional manner at all times to ensure the integrity of the SDN Community. Please read the following Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct to ensure standards are met. Should you need any clarification on any points please email the details to info@simplydiag.net

  1. All Participants must adhere to the SDN (SimplyDiag Network Limited) Code of Conduct at all times.
  2. Failure to adhere to the SDN Code of Conduct may result in your membership / sponsorship being suspended or in extreme circumstances being cancelled, and any payments made will be forfeited
  3. Annual membership / sponsorship will run from the initial date members / sponsors are added to the SDN Community for a period of 1 year.
  4. Should Members / Sponsors wish to renew annual sponsorship please confirm this to info@simplydiag.net prior to expiry of any existing agreements. SDN will provide an invoice for the renewal which should be paid in full to ensure continuity of your membership / sponsorship
  5. All Users of the SDN Portal are subject to SDN’s Code of Conduct, Complaints Procedure, Disciplinary Procedure and Appeals Process – please refer to these below

Code of Conduct

  1. Users are not permitted to post any copyrighted material without the explicit permission from the copyright holder
  2. Users are not permitted to post unrelated or inappropriate material such as pornography
  3. Users should please report any spam or inappropriate content immediately to info@simplydiag.net
  4. Users are not permitted to post any promotions or marketing campaigns unless you are an official SDN Sponsor
  5. Members must treat other Members and Users with respect and professionalism at all times
  6. SDN promote an inclusive community, racism, sexism or prejudice of any sort will not be tolerated under any circumstance
  7. It is the responsibility of every member of the community to report any breaches of this code of conduct to SDN Admin via info@simplydiag.net
  8. Members must ensure their payments are up to date for continued access to the SDN Portal – should payment not be received on time access will be restricted or removed until payment is made
  9. Under no circumstance should any User promote cloned, grey market or counterfeit tools and software.
  10. Where possible Members / Sponsors should support and promote SDN and its community
  11. Sponsors agree to provide exclusive offers to SDN members on at least 3 occasions in each membership year
  12. Sponsors are not permitted to undercut products or promotions from any other SDN Sponsors either on other Sponsors posts or on posts about product enquiries from members

Complaints Procedure

In the event you are not satisfied with any content or activities within the SDN Portal or groups, please find details of our complaints procedure:

  1. In the first instance please report this as soon as possible to the SDN Admin Team via info@simplydiag.net
  2. Upon receipt of your complaint, the SDN Directors will conduct a full and thorough investigation and will provide you with conclusions within 14 working days
  3. If you are not satisfied with the conclusion you have the right to appeal – please see appeals procedure

Disciplinary Procedure

If it is determined by the Directors of SDN that you have not adhered to the SDN Code of Conduct then the following disciplinary procedure will be implemented:

  1. Any offending posts will be deleted from the SDN social media platforms and the new portal
  2. Individuals involved will be informed that they have breached the code of conduct and given specific reasons why
  3. If the matter is a minor breach of the code of conduct then offenders may be issued with an initial warning, should the code of conduct be breached again within 6 months then SDN membership will immediately be revoked
  4. If the matter is extremely serious then the SDN Membership will be revoked immediately and no refunds will be given
  5. Offenders will have the right to appeal by following the SDN Appeals Process

Appeals Procedure

  1. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of any disciplinary or complaint, please provide written details to SDN Admin as soon as possible via email to info@simplydiag.net
  2. Upon receipt, SDN Directors will consider the appeal and any original investigation and findings and will provide a written response within 7 days of the initial appeal
  3. The decision made will be final and the case will be considered closed
  4. A member of the SDN Management team may need to discuss in more detail with the person/s making the appeal (and any other involved) as part of the appeal process