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Varta Batteries
VARTA Partnering With Simply Diagnostics

Teaming up with Simply Diagnostics, VARTA, the “Battery Experts” can assist you, the “Garage diagnostics experts!”

As we all know diagnostics has been and always will be a difficult task due to the complexity of vehicles today. The simplest method of diagnostics is keeping to a process that works with a methodical approach.

Many systems of varying complexity can generate misleading fault codes and communication errors which can lead to misdiagnosis. The first item to test should always be the battery to eliminate implausible, low voltage supply fault codes.

The last part of any diagnostics process should be a battery test to ensure that the car is returned to the customer in full heath, delivering great service and customer satisfaction.

VARTA® automotive batteries are powered by Clarios, formerly Johnson Controls Power Solutions, a world leader in advanced energy storage solutions. As the world’s leading aftermarket and Original Equipment supplier for automotive and commercial vehicle batteries, we know the real world impact of electrification.

This is why we are designing batteries that can stand up to the electrical demands of todays and future vehicles. 1 in 3 vehicles in the world have a Clarios battery powering them.

  • The VARTA brand has a history going back more than 130 years
  • VARTA batteries are factory-fitted by most carmakers and trusted by drivers across Europe
  • 7 out of 10 newly built start-stop vehicles leave the factory, fitted with a VARTA AGM battery.

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