Picoscope Automotive

Picoscope Automotive
Bring the power of PicoScope into your workshop today
It’s widely recognized that a scope is an essential part of the diagnostic toolbox.
PicoScope is like no other scope, with features and benefits that make it the world’s leading choice for vehicle
manufacturers and aftermarket garages alike.
Our PicoScope package turns your existing PC into a highly accurate and powerful component testing tool. We continually develop PicoScope to ensure it keeps up with the latest vehicle technology and remains intuitive and easy to use. PicoScope is the essential partner to your serial diagnostic tool, technical information, personal experience and knowledge.
Where a PicoScope fits

  • Prove a faulty part is the real root cause before changing it
  • When a vehicle has a noticeable problem but no fault code is set
  • To find intermittent, performance and timing faults
  • Diagnosing problems with actuators that are not monitored by ECU (e.g. injectors, some ignition systems)
  • To reveal wiring and connector faults
  • With starting or charging problems
  • Ensuring that the customer’s problems are resolved before returning the vehicle

At Pico we know that true scope diagnostics requires the power of a PC. Don’t compromise on your scope diagnostics; make sure you ask for all facts and specifications before choosing your scope.

  • PicoScope includes a waveform library, so you can easily compare what you’re seeing with real examples
  • Only with PicoScope can you save and share waveforms so easily
  • PicoScope resolution can be up to 16x higher than embedded or hand-held scopes
  • Competing scopes cannot match the sampling rate (400 MS/s) and capture detail of PicoScope
  • 250 million sample buffer allows you to scroll back through time and see even intermittent faults with ease
  • USB hard wired connection, ensures accurate measurements, reduced noise and no data fall out signal