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Kia can bus tcm mil request


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Hi all
I have a Kia carans 2007 diesel un chassis.
I have an intermittent can high fault .tcm requesting mil and tcm can high fault . When the fault is present the can high is flat lining with the occasional blip like an injection pattern. I have disconnected all units on the network ie dash. Pcm.Tcm. All units on HCS. Data wiring diagram . I
I sometimes think I’ve located it but it’s just intermittent back to normal.
I do have a turbo boost fault when driving hard . At the moment I’m ignoring the boost fault hoping it ecu reducing power due to tcm coms data? .
I don’t have a massive amount of experience with can.
would really appreciate any help with this ( I don’t know where to go from here)
Thank Mark
Ps I’ll update fault codes later


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Problem? Tag me please
Resistance on can? Can you post the faulty singal measured with scope?
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