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  1. G


    Good evening. Does anyone know if Tech Topics has moved there website or other, as I am trying to book a course for June. Thanks.
  2. S

    Training to become a diag Tech

    Hi , what is the best and quickest way to get get more training to become a diag tech ( not trying to skip corners but get on the right track more quicker).I am not in the trade but would love to get in and get some accreditation as well.Always worked on my own cars and family's (mechanical side...
  3. Steve SDN

    Picoscope academy tomorrow 22/3 5pm
  4. Steve SDN

    Tired of struggling with DPF jobs?

    Our awesome community partners The DPF Doctor Network from @Darren Darling are launching a bespoke DPF training platform for its members. "Our new online DPF Training Portal is ready to Launch in April so here is a sneak preview! If you are serious about DPF repairs and would like industry...
  5. Wes

    SDN 101 Training

    Absolutely awesome couple of days training with Steve at JLM training academy, . Highly recommend this couple of day training course . For me I've never had any electrical training or scope training, so it was great to learn the fundamentals , got so much out of this , learnt new testing...
  6. R

    Lockdown - coming out better than you went in!

    So what have you all been doing to keep busy during lockdown? I’ve worked my way through Our Virtual Academy and have now just received my books from Tom Denton, can’t wait to get stuck in!
  7. R

    Our virtual academy

    Hi everyone, just a quick one, I signed up to our virtual academy last week and have smashed through it. My problem is I’ve achieved all my certificates bar one (introduction to hybrid technology) every time I click on the end test the page just comes up blank, so therefore can’t take the test...
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