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  1. S

    Transit custom

    Transit custom YD17SAC. WF03XXTTG3HM14272 Ha anyone come across this warning before, Texa diag not showing any faults and the live data reading all seem normal. Vehicle has had a static regen carried out. Any help much appreciated
  2. Steve SDN

    Tired of struggling with DPF jobs?

    Our awesome community partners The DPF Doctor Network from @Darren Darling are launching a bespoke DPF training platform for its members. "Our new online DPF Training Portal is ready to Launch in April so here is a sneak preview! If you are serious about DPF repairs and would like industry...
  3. M

    Isuzu 4JJ1 Frequent DPD Regeneration

    Hello all. I have been called in to assist with a dpf regeneration issue on a tar spreader. The engine is an isuzu 4jj1 and the problem reported is that the machine will run regens automatic and manual about 10 times a day! Back about a month ago i checked differential pressure and at 2200rpm...
  4. Steve SDN

    In tank DPF additives

    This video from @Darren Darling explains the different types of DPF in tank additives in 8 mins. Well worth a watch.
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